Making liqueurs and cordials
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Making fruit and berry liqueurs

How to make fruit and berry flavored liqueurs
Making liqueurs and cordials is easy, and homemade liqueurs can be as delicious as commercial brands! All you need is alcohol (vodka or brandy), sugar, fruits or berries, and some patience. General information on how to make fruit and berry liqueurs is presented and a simple liqueur recipe for fruit and berries is described.

Homemade fruit liqueurs

Fruit and berry liqueur recipes
Links to hundreds of recipes for fruit and berry liqueurs are presented. The liqueur recipes are sorted by name of fruit or berry. It is thus easy to compare and test different liqueur recipes. Detailed recipes for Blueberry, Cherry, Raspberry and Sloe liqueurs (Sloe Gin) are presented on separate pages.

Making liqueurs of herbs and spices

How to make herb and spice flavored liqueurs
Homemade herbal liqueurs are usually more difficult to make than fruit liqueurs. Here you will find information on how to make herb and spice flavoured liqueurs.

Homemade herbal liqueurs

Herbal liqueur recipes
This page contains a lot of links to herbal liqueur recipes. The liqueur recipe links are sorted by liqueur name or herb name. You can therefore easily compare and test different liqueur recipes for each type of herb or spice. Detailed recipes for Absinthe and Angelica liqueur are presented on separate pages.

Coffee liqueurs

Making coffee liqueurs similar to Kahlua
Coffee liqueurs are among the easiest liqueur types to make at home. Three detailed recipes for coffee liqueurs are presented in addition to links to many similar recipes.

Liqueur recipe link page

Large recipe link page
Links to websites with more than 400 liqueur recipes are presented. For each website the liqueur types are listed, including fruit, berry, herb, spice, coffee, cocoa, nut and cream flavored liqueurs.

Liqueur books

Books about liqueur-making and have large selections of books on liqueurs and liqueur making. We are presenting some of their best liqueur books on this page. Check also the updated list of books on liqueur-making at or

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