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We would like to thank those who have honored our site with an award!

Top 2% Site Award
(Pengs.com Search Engine and Directory, Oct 2000)

Arete Wave Award
(Arete, Oct 2000)

2000bronze.gif (8408 bytes)

Bronze Award of Excellence
 (Krista's Korner, Nov 2000)

Stwebfx Silver Award

Silver Award of Excellence
(stwebfx.com, Oct 2000)

redroseaward.jpg (7222 bytes)

Red Rose Award
(Smith's 35, Nov 2000)

Tubby Award

Outstanding Site Award
(Guestfoods.com, Oct 2000)

annikaroseaward.jpg (19177 bytes)

Annika's Rose Award
(Annika, Nov 2000)

bronzeaward.gif (5523 bytes)

Bronze Award
(Nielsen Web Sites & Business Graphics, Nov 2000)

irisaward.gif (17810 bytes)

Iris's Award for Web Site Excellence
(Iris, Nov 2000)

webaward1.jpg (13273 bytes)

Excellence Award
(Williams, Nov 2000)

Phonex Website Award

Phonex Website Award
(Phonex Communications, Inc., Nov 2000)

liqueurinet.jpg (5670 bytes)

iNet Silver Award
(Petal Perfect, Nov 2000)

MTaward.jpg (5307 bytes)

Internet Excellence Award
(Marketingtrendz, Nov 2000)

Custom Content and Design Award
(CrownPC, Nov 2000)

CAWIVB4E.gif (6903 bytes)

World Web Award of Excellence
(Art Space 2000, Nov 2000)

eliwebex.gif (13708 bytes)

Web Excellence Award
(Eliana's Homework Helpers and English as a 2nd Language, Nov 2000)

Golden Web Award

Golden Web Award
(The International Association of Web Masters and Designers, Nov 2000)

drhaw00brz.gif (5379 bytes)

Merit for 2000
(DRH Design, Nov 2000)

Gold Nov 2000

Gold Award for Web Page Excellence
(Eskew, Nov 2000)

ERAust site award
ERAust Site Award
(Electronic Reproductions Australia, Nov 2000)

globe3.jpg (6075 bytes)

Award of Excellence
(Awebpage.com, Dec 2000)

silver2.jpg (7957 bytes)
Best of the Web - Silver
(Best of the Web Awards, Dec 2000)

MMSeekers.gif (15346 bytes)

Creative Award
(MMseekers, Dec 2000)

bestdesign.gif (13971 bytes)

Best Design Award
(Fanatasy Inspirations, Dec 2000)


Superb Choice Award
(Docu-Type Administrative Services, Dec 2000)

ALOHA AWARD - Click here to nominate a site!

Aloha Award
(Hawaii City Information, Dec 2000

Sito di qualita

Sito di Qualita
(Godmaster.com, Dec 2000)


Silversurfer Bronze Award
(Shadowrun, Dec 2000)


Merit Award
(PeaceWork, Dec 2000)

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