Making liqueurs and cordials
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RECIPE LINKS: Part 2 - Smaller Websites

Please observed that on some of the listed websites you need to perform a search to find your recipe.

Beverage Recipe
Recipes: allspice, Amaretto, apple, banana-coconut-rum-cream, berry, blackberry, blueberry, cherry-mint, cinnamon-coriander and fruit liqueurs.

Stefans Florilegium
Recipes: galangale, raisin-wine, sage-lemon, raspberry and tangerine liqueurs. Contains recipes collected from news groups.

Alcoholic Drinks of the Middle Ages - Liqueurs and Cordials
History of liqueurs, how to make liqueurs, four old recipes for herbal liqueurs. 
A good web site for those interested in the history of liqueur making.

Ichef's Beverage Recipes
Recipes: cranberry, brandy eggnog, Curacao, eggnog, Framboise, Galliano, peach, plum brandy and whiskey eggnog liqueurs.

Emma Fernlunds Recipes
Recipes: cherry, Irish cream, Kummel, vanilla-coffee, tea, and rum cream liqueurs.

Italian Cuisine: Liqueurs
Recipes: Agrumino (lemon), Amaro alle Erbe (herbs), Cigliegiolo (cherry), Fragolo (strawberry), Lamponino (raspberry), Limoncello (lemon), Nocino (walnut), OranPear (orange and pear) and Rosolio (lemon) liqueurs. - Drinks and Liqueur Recipes
Recipes for banana, crabapple, Galliano-style, Gran Marnier-style, Irish Cream, KahlĂșa, lemon, peach, and plum liqueurs in addition to a lot of cocktails.

In Italy - Nocino
Recipe for Italian walnut liqueur.

Cabbey's Easy Liquers Recipes
Liqueur recipes: Amaretto, banana, blackberry, coconut, Irish Cream, Kahlua, licorice, and Tia Maria liqueurs.

Collection of Homemade Liqueur Recipes
Recipes: Amaretto, egg creme, Irish Cream, Kahlua and orange liqueurs.

Hug's Recipe Index
Liqueur recipes: almond, chocolate, cinnamon-spice, coffee, hazelnut, mocha cream, orange and raspberry liqueurs. 

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